TSCM Services

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

“Security vulnerabilities will harm your business. Our aim is to identify any area where your company or organisation is at risk and to provide a cost effective and workable solution.”

TSCM Sweeps

International Intelligence Limited carries out Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), or debugging, for our clients worldwide. The clients that utilise our TSCM service range from financial corporations and banks, through to international law firms and litigation departments. Being one of the leading TSCM firms in the world, we constantly invest in new counter measures equipment and keep educated as to the latest technical trends.

We have written an extensive user guide aimed at potential clients. This guide to TSCM sweeps aim to answer questions that you might have while also giving you some useful information. See: A guide to TSCM Sweeps

An up-to-date equipment list that our TSCM teams use can be found here: TSCM Equipment

TSCM sweeps are part of our Counter Espionage services and should form part of a companies' security housekeeping policy, being carried out at irregular intervals throughout the year.

TSCM sweeps or inspections should be considered by those that are implementing your companies ISO/IEC 27001 policy, IT Manager or Head of Security. Should you wish to discuss ISO 27001 our team would be happy to talk you through the requirements in more detail.

Our TSCM personnel are drawn from Military Intelligence, Telecommunications and Computer Security/Networking backgrounds. These varied backgrounds, coupled with the use of military specification equipment, enables us to locate low cost or military covert listening, or eavesdropping, devices, covert cameras and telephone tap/wiretaps.

Articles on TSCM and Espionage

International Intelligence Limited and our experts have over the years been asked to take part, comment on or write articles about TSCM and counter espionage. Should you be interested in reading these, they can be found in our Media Library: Media Library

A TSCM sweep or inspection involves three phases:

  1. Scanning a series of rooms or a space for hidden devices that transmit via a range of frequencies to firstly generate an RF spectrum footprint of the area and then to examine RF spikes to enable them to be identified as safe.
  2. Physical and technical inspection of electrical devices, telecommunications and IT systems are undertaken to search for hidden “hard-wired” microphones and/or covert cameras. The in-depth inspection of telecommunications devices includes each handset and socket, through to internal and external exchange levels.
  3. Walls, floors, ceilings and ducts are all inspected and scanned for any hidden, redundant devices or wiring.

Our TSCM Reports

Our team will compile a full and comprehensive TSCM report on your companies' existing security practices and, where necessary, make recommendations to enhance your level of security. Any recommendations will be based on workable and cost-effective solutions; these will be discussed with the client upon presentation of the report.

Training & Education

For clients interested in internal training for senior management or key personnel, our sister company Intelligent Training International Limited provide counter espionage courses and lectures to aid as an integral part of your security management.

Interested in purchasing your own TSCM equipment?

If you have an interest in purchasing your own TSCM equipment for your company or organisation please feel free to discuss the equipment options with us. For more information, please see: Purchasing TSCM equipment.