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Counter Espionage Services

“Espionage, both technical and physical, is a real and present danger to business today”
International Intelligence Counter Espionage Services

Counter Espionage

International Intelligence Limited was conceived with the precise purpose of providing Counterintelligence and Counter Espionage Services to corporate and government clients. Things were rather different in 2002 when we were incorporated; threats to businesses were different and technology did not play such a large part in everyday life. As threats have changed our approach has adapted, always with one eye on the future and one foot in the past.

Understanding the evolving Espionage threat

Counter Espionage ServicesOur team of former intelligence officers and counterintelligence technical experts have a proven track record of carrying out full counter espionage tasks worldwide, protecting our clients' interests.

Countering espionage is very much about attack methodologies vs Control Measures, via Security Risk Assessments, that encompasses risk analysis, gap analysis/need analysis, looking at what technical, physical processes and policies are in place and what might be missing or improved upon. This is a constant cycle; as technology evolves so does our approach.

What are the top Espionage concerns?

  1. Phishing
  2. Man-in-the-middle Wifi attack
  3. Hacking and DoS attacks
  4. Caller ID Spoofing
  5. Wearable technology
  6. Insider Threats (Unauthorized Disclosure)
  7. Unsecure office waste disposal
  8. Eavesdropping

Technical espionage is amongst the most common modus operandi and can be the most cost-effective. A £50 telephone tap/wiretap, bugging or eavesdropping device can cause the loss of a great deal of confidential information, damaging a company's profit margin and/or reputation. The same can be said for Man-in-the-middle Wifi attacks, they can be conducted with little technical expertise with great effect. Waste disposal remains a major concern, especially with home-based Senior Management.

Another major dynamic is the traveling Company Executive because no matter how great your technical security or policies, travelling staff are exposed to a whole different set of threats, and "who doesn't love free Wifi!" being of course the greatest concern.

In the last ten years, threats against businesses not only include espionage but also white-collar crime and hacking threats, such as attacks on IT networks, denial-of-service attacks and the ever-present danger of viruses. Another overlooked threat is the growth of mobile technology, (phones and devices) “bring your own devices” (BYODs) within the workplace and the issues caused when these BYODs go missing containing sensitive data.

Espionage and security threats to businesses are not restricted to being technical: refuse disposal, waste management and key personnel are all areas that can be and are targeted.

Psychology is often used to gain information from key personnel. Having management and key personnel understanding the value of the information that they use and communicate daily is very important and should never be overlooked. The key indicators used are: MICE - Money, Ideology, Coercion & Ego

Internal Security Policies

A successful security policy does not need to be expensive nor difficult to implement; often the simpler the policy the better and more effective it is.

International Intelligence Limited can help your company or organisation develop a full and comprehensive internal security policy that is both practical and cost-effective. Prior to any internal security policy being developed, we would carry out a full security review and assess your present security levels, management and understanding.

“The very nature of business competitiveness means that people will want to know your secrets, what your new product is, who your clients are and what you charge them.”

Our Counter Espionage services cover:

  1. Encryption of communications
  2. Secure data storage
  3. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) inspections and sweeps
  4. Internal and external security review
  5. Staff training and lectures

International Recognition

International Intelligence's CEO, Mr Alex Bomberg, is recognised as being a “subject matter expert” on espionage and counterintelligence-related issues, and has acted as a commentator on the subject for international TV News & Press, as well as delivering lectures to the likes of Facebook and the Graduate Institute in Geneva. See our Group "Media Library" for further details.

ISO 27001 and Information Security Management Systems

International Intelligence Counter Espionage services can run alongside any company or organisations' ISO 27001 policy and Information Security Management Systems. Our approach is over and above this international standard, addressing issues in more detail often with a holistic approach.

Implementation of the ISO 27001 standards is very important for a company or organisation to demonstrate that it is operating a secure IT infrastructure, and furthermore that it takes measures to combat the theft of sensitive data.

If you feel that you do not have the correct policies and procedures in place to safeguard against internal and external threats, we would be happy to assist you in producing practical and workable policies after an audit of all procedures.

Security Auditing and Penetration Testing

It is vitally important to have external Security Audits conducted including technical and physical Penetration Testing.

Both Security Auditing and Penetration Testing will give a clear picture of where your organisation and its people may be exposed. This service is a 'root and branches' service that also includes examination of your security policies to ensure that they are fit for purpose and up-to-date with current legislation.

Our objective since 2002 has been to get espionage threats on the agenda.

"Every good security policy starts with a difficult conversation" - Alex Bomberg, CEO

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