counter espionage services

Counter Espionage Services

“Espionage, both technical and physical is a real and present danger to business today”

Understanding the espionage threat

Our team of former intelligence officers and counter intelligence technical experts have a proven track record of carrying out full counter espionage tasks worldwide protecting our client's interests.

Countering espionage is very much about gap analysis/need analysis, looking at what technical and physical processes are in place and what might be missing or improved upon. This is a constant cycle as technology evolves so does our approach.

Technical espionage is among the most common modus operandi and can be the most cost effective. A £50 telephone tap/wiretap, bugging or eavesdropping device can cause the loss of a great deal of confidential information, damaging to a company's profit margin and/or reputation.

In the last ten years threats against businesses of course not only include espionage but also white collar crime and hacking threats such as attacks on IT networks, Denial-of-service attacks and of course the ever present danger of viruses. Another overlooked threat is the growth of mobile technology, (phones and devices) “bring your own devices” (BYODs) within the workplace and the issues caused when these BYODs go missing containing sensitive data.

Espionage and security threats to businesses are not restricted to being technical; refuse disposal, waste management and key personnel are all areas that can and are targeted.

MICE - Money, Ideology, Coercion & Ego

Psychology is often used to gain information from key personnel. Having management and key personnel understanding the value of the information that they use and communicate daily is very important and should never be overlooked.

Our counter espionage services cover:

  1. Encryption of communications
  2. Secure data storage
  3. TSCM Inspections and sweeps
  4. Internal and external security review
  5. Staff training and lectures

Internal Security Policies

A successful security policy does not need to be expensive nor difficult to implement, often the simpler the policy the better and more effective it is.

International Intelligence Limited can help your company or organisation develop a full and comprehensive internal security policy that is both practical and cost effective. Prior to any internal security policy being developed, we would carry out a full security review and assess your present security levels, management and understanding.

“The very nature of business competitiveness means that people will want to know your secrets, what your new product is, who your clients are and what you charge them.”

Information security management system (ISMS), ISO/IEC 27001

International Intelligence counter espionage services can run alongside any company or organisations ISO 27001 policy. Our approach being over and above this international standard, addressing issues in more detail often with a holistic approach.

Implementation of the ISO 27001 family of standards, is very important for a company or organisation to demonstrate that it is operating a secure IT infrastructure and furthermore that it takes measures to combat the theft of sensitive data.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures or TSCM sweeps should be part of every companies security housekeeping policy, TSCM Sweeps can also be used as part of our close protection measures, brought together as a package in order to protect our clients from intimidation and harassment, also to make any technical surveillance being carried out both impractical and non-effective.

A latest equipment list that our TSCM teams use can be found here: TSCM Equipment

International recognition

International Intelligence CEO Mr Alex Bomberg is recognised as being a “subject matter expert” on espionage and counter intelligence related issues, and has acted as a commentator on the subject for international TV News & Press. See our "Media Library" for further details.