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Purchasing TSCM equipment

“For independent, professional advice on purchasing TSCM equipment for your organisation, based on operational experience in the field”
International Intelligence Purchasing TSCM equipment

TSCM Sweeps

International Intelligence Limited is able to advise and assist both Government and corporate clients in the purchasing of TSCM equipment for their own use. We offer independent advice for Electronic Counter Measures solution that will meet your operational, technical and budgetary requirements.

We have been offering our clients TSCM/counter espionage services since 2002 and since that time have seen huge leaps in technological development. Lots has changed since 2002!

The range of solutions that we offer is designed to detect both active and passive bugging/eavesdropping devices, as well as solutions for active/intelligent frequency jamming.

With the growth of Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)* eavesdropping devices are becoming smaller and more complex. This makes them harder to detect without the right TSCM equipment. *Also referred to as Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access (FOMA) or 3GSM.

Manufacturers that we work with:

International Intelligence Limited works closely with a number of international manufacturers, from large corporates to smaller companies who develop their own specialist equipment. All equipment solutions that we recommend are based on many years of experience in both Government and corporate counter intelligence and technical surveillance counter measures.

Typical intermediate equipment packages include:

  1. UMTS and GSM bug detector (i.e. Searchlight)
  2. Spectrum Analyser (i.e. OSCAR Green or Blue)
  3. Non-Linear Junction Detectors
  4. Telephone and Line Analyser (i.e. TALAN)
  5. Thermal Imaging Camera (i.e. Flir E60)

Not being tied to a small number of manufacturers allows us to provide our clients with the best possible combination of TSCM equipment to best defeat the latest threats.

Export Requirements

Some TSCM equipment may require an export licence, including end-user certification, depending on what country the client is from. In the past, International Intelligence Limited has provided TSCM equipment to international clients, taking care of export license issue. Export requirements should be taken into consideration when planning any purchase. At present the UK Department of Trade and Industry (SPIRE System) takes about six to eight weeks to get export clearance. International Intelligence Limited would advise clients to allow ten weeks for any export license clearance.

TSCM & Counter Espionage Training

International intelligence Limited is often asked to provide training in support of TSCM equipment purchases. Our TSCM Team are able to deliver this training worldwide. Training includes practical, hands on training that is scenario-based, covering different types of eavesdropping devices.

If you wish to discuss training with us, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Equipment Warranty

All equipment purchased through International Intelligence Limited includes a full manufacturer's warranty. Annual upgrade packages are offered where applicable.

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