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International litigation support intelligence

“In business society today, disputes and frauds are all too common, the stakes are high and the cost to your company can be enormous”

Litigation support services

Intelligence Limited management are well versed in providing litigation support and fully understand the restraints and practices of legal professionals. Our services are tailored to suit individual case needs and requirements.

The largest case that we have provided litigation support on was valued at over £10Bn and International Intelligence Limited has also been involved with a well known £1.2Bn litigation case between two Middle Eastern Countries. This case was heard in London and was the largest and longest running litigation case in British legal history.

International Intelligence Limited has, since formation, provided support to the legal and financial industry to aid in litigation cases.

Disputed facts require detailed investigation, reconstruction and interpretation; complex cases require specialist financial and intelligence analysis skills. The complex nature of such cases, cross border, sensitive or high value means that our clients often require our full range of services.

Our litigation support can include:
  1. Surveillance & Investigations
  2. Close Protection
  3. Electronic Counter Measures
  4. Counter Intelligence
  5. Computer Forensics

The use of our close protection, counter surveillance and electronic counter measures is brought together as a package in order to protect our clients from intimidation and harassment, also to make any surveillance being carried out both impractical and non- effective.

Dispute resolution & evidence

Evidence gained via investigation, surveillance & computer forensics will support the paper trail and can in some cases provide leverage to obtain out of court settlement and early dispute resolution.