Case studies

Undercover Investigations

Investigations - Undercover Investigations

A corporate client tasked International Intelligence Limited to investigate allegations of theft among its workforce; even though the company had security guards and CCTV, losses were still being reported. We duly deployed a covert operative within the team that was under suspicion, to obtain evidence which would aid legal action and dismissal.

Our female operative, a former police officer, was able to (with the aid of electronic eavesdropping devices and physical evidence) gain the intelligence needed to support a prosecution.

The result in this case was the prosecution of both security and company personnel. Some of the stolen property was also obtained and returned.

Competition Investigations

Investigations - Competition Investigations

An existing corporate client telephoned our offices late one Friday evening requesting an urgent meeting due to the fact that he suspected that his business partner was using their offices, facilities and finance to launch his own business in competition.

International Intelligence Limited were tasked with carrying out an in-depth investigation into this individual and his personal finances, to obtain intelligence via investigation and electronic surveillance in order to gain leverage to force a resignation or aid prosecution. We were able to obtain information from our client's computer and telephone system, thus providing recordings of conversations and also emails proving that the target was indeed going into competition with his (at the time) business partner.

As a result of our investigations we were able to provide enough evidence to force the director to resign. He willingly took that option rather than going through lengthy legal channels.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence - Takeover Target

International Intelligence Limited was asked to provide full personnel and financial structure of a company that was being targeted for takeover; the company was based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our due diligence team carried out a full financial investigation into the company, while our investigations team investigated the affairs of the company managers and directors to obtain structure and connections.

As a result we were able to discover that the company had a suspicious ownership structure leading to a Government official based in Russia.

Our clients decided not to proceed with a takeover.

Professional Behaviour

Due Diligence - Professional Behaviour

One of the legal firms that we work for had recently merged with another legal firm in the same sector but had concerns about the activities of some of the legal partners.

Our due diligence team carried out surveillance and in depth checks to provide the client with an idea of the in and out of hours practices and lifestyles of a number of targeted partners.

The surveillance, investigations and due diligence team carried out technical surveillance, both in the form of telephone monitoring and observational surveillance, enabling our client to produce a list of individuals that were either carrying out work on the side, or of individuals who, out of hours, lead lifestyles that would bring the name of the company into disrepute.

Witness Statements

Litigation Support - Witness Statements

One of our legal clients (a firm of solicitors) were representing a foreign client; these clients feared for their safety and needed statements from individuals residing in a hostile environment. International Intelligence Limited provided the solicitors with close protection and logistical support to enable statements to be taken and extraction of the witnesses ready for the pre-trial.

The results of these statements being added to the case file swung the case into settlement.

Litigation Intelligence

Litigation Support - Litigation Intelligence

Our largest litigation support project to date is valued at £1.2Bn. International Intelligence Limited provided up to date intelligence via infiltration and close target surveillance. These activities took place in a war zone; both target and end client were Governments with a long history of resentment.

International Intelligence successfully carried out this task with the use of our vast network of operatives and resources, resulting in vital intelligence that was used in court to aid settlement.

Securing Communications

Counter Espionage - Securing Communications

Our technical team were called in by a broadsheet paper to carry out an electronic counter measures sweep for a leading scientist whose discoveries and views did not fit with the Governments way of thinking or its propaganda surrounding this health issue.

We carried out the sweep successfully but pointed out to the scientist that the Government can eavesdrop on telecommunications at source (exchange level) and that they would rarely place eavesdropping or telephone tapping within a premises.

Our knowledge surrounding technical surveillance gave our client a feeling of confidence and the know how of communicating in a secure manner.

Intelligence Leak

Counter Espionage - IP Theft and Intelligence Leak

One of our corporate clients had suspicions about one of its competitors gaining intelligence on sales and product development activities, a security breach that could lead to the company at best losing millions, and at worst cost the company its future.

We placed a number of undercover operatives within the company's structure, including cleaning staff, shop floor staff and management, in order to pinpoint the area of weakness and to uncover those carrying out espionage.

Our investigations quickly lead us to a member of the cleaning staff who we discovered was related to one of the senior directors of our clients competitors. Her reference and work history were fake and she was driving around in a BMW, a car not normally associated with a cleaner on cleaners pay.

To avoid bad press and loss of investors, our clients decided to dismiss the cleaner and improve its vetting system with our recommendations.

Prenuptial Surveillance

Surveillance - Prenuptial Surveillance

A female client that had been involved in a relationship for some time employed International Intelligence Limited to carry out surveillance on her partner before she embarked on marriage. She had had some suspicions regarding his sexuality, and a business trip he was about to leave town for was also unexpected and unplanned.

As the target was using the car belonging to our client, we were able to place a covert satellite tracking system deep within the vehicle, along with a GSM based covert listening device. This technical set up enabled our surveillance team to observe, with little fear of the target being lost. We were also able to hear any audio within the vehicle.

As a result of our technical and observational surveillance, we were able to ascertain that the target was not carrying out an affair, but was in fact very much in love with our client and only attending meetings as stated.

Surveillance Services

Surveillance - Corporate Theft

A private client based in the Middle East required surveillance to be carried out on a member of his staff whilst that staff member was visiting the UK. International Intelligence Limited deployed a number of operatives, some Arabic-speaking, and including an Arabic lip-reader.

Our surveillance task took us to three European cities over four days. The size of our team increased, as the travel was unexpected and needed to include French-speaking operatives.

Our team was able to discover that the target had considerable, unexplainable private wealth and also that this wealth came from theft by the employer.

Hacked Website

Computer & IT security - Hacked Website

The daughter of a very good client of ours contacted us after her online store started re-directing visitors to another website. Our IT Security team quickly investigated the situation and discovered that the website had been hacked and affected with Malware. This in turn had caused it to be blocked by Google as the website was unsafe.

Our IT security team worked on the task, removed the Malware off the website and strengthened the security on the website. Google was then informed that the website was now clear of any viruses.

Eavesdropping device discovery

TSCM Sweeps - Eavesdropping Device Discovery

We were contacted by a large City of London legal firm who had discovered an eavesdropping device in one of their offices. The discovery had been made by a cleaner by accident.

International Intelligence discussed the options with the client and it was decided to leave the device in place and to "feed" the device false intelligence. This was done for a period of weeks until it was clear who had placed the device.

Action was then taken by the firm.

Securing information

TSCM Sweeps - Securing Information

International Intelligence Limited were contacted by a world-leading defence firm to carry out a TSCM sweep of their Eastern Europe offices, during delicate contract negotiations.

Our TSCM team carried out a full TSCM sweep and inspection of the offices and no devices were found. We did, however, make recommendations to the client on certain issues, including the use of local temporary staff and the vetting of those staff.

Unauthorised Disclosure Investigation

Unauthorised Disclosure Investigation

In 2018, we were contacted by a long-standing Government client of our Group. They had been subject to a number of Unauthorised Disclosures that emanated from the senior level of the department and contacted us in relation to investigating these Data Breaches.

The client had a number of concerns as to how the breach took place. It soon transpired that they had been subjected to further breaches that directly affected their operational effectiveness. Our remit was to investigate the cause of the breaches, to limit immediate damage and to review policy and procedures within the department to ensure that the department was not further exposed.