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Competitive Intelligence Services

“Our Competitive Intelligence Services give our clients the upper hand. They are the difference between a win and a lose.”

International Competitive Intelligence

Since 2002, International Intelligence Limited has supplied international corporate investigation services to our clients, including in-depth Competitive Intelligence reports across a range of international, volatile and emerging markets.

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence ServicesCompetitive Intelligence is the collation and analysis of information on a firm, its operations, its key personnel and its activities. This form of investigation is carried out for a number of reasons, from the measuring of risk to gaining a commercial advantage over a competitor. Further to this, actively monitoring a competitor allows for organisations to be more dynamic in their reaction to market trends and stimulus.

What Can Competitive Intelligence Identify?

Competitive Intelligence is not all about competitors' strengths and weaknesses, it is about having a clear understanding of what is happening in a competitor’s business, from the boardroom to the shop floor. Competitive Intelligence can identify:

  1. Procedures & Practices
  2. Marketing Strategies
  3. Research and Development Plans
  4. Illegal Activities
  5. Unethical Competitor Behaviour

The uses of Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence may be used by different areas of a business and for different reasons, as follows:

Sales and Marketing - Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is a lucrative tool for those involved in Sales and Marketing, be it a snap-shot of a competitor’s activities or on-going monitoring and analysis of their marketing output, Competitive Intelligence will enable direction and tactical advantage, allowing for a proactive approach as opposed to a reactive one.

C Level - Competitive Intelligence

At a strategic, boardroom level, Competitive Intelligence reports give a snapshot of the market and aid boardrooms in focusing on strategic long-term goals.

The monitoring of competitors and markets will also enable the board to identify any marketplace risks or downward trends, more so in emerging markets where risk vs reward and short-terms wins are of great importance in attaining medium and long-term commercial goals.

Our Competitive Intelligence Services

eavesdropping devices TSCMEvery single client is different and has different needs. This requires a unique approach, a very personal service, tailored to produce results to aid short, medium or long-term business goals.

Competitive Intelligence work can often be borderless and whilst we are a UK Company, we work internationally and as such we predominately work in a number of languages: English, French and Spanish. Further to this, we have specialist local teams that work in Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and Malay (Bahasa).

We provide business intelligence using unique methodologies that, guided by experience, produce sound results.

By focusing on the key players in the given target market, be it for a single report or a more longer-term monitoring approach, we produce information that allows our clients to make sound strategic decisions.

Our services are very scalable, should a client wish to change from a snapshot report to a long-term monitoring method.

Risk Mitigation

An underlying factor of all Competitive Intelligence is risk mitigation. By careful monitoring of risks, especially in volatile or emerging markets, a high level of mitigation can be realised. This, however, can only be fully achieved by understanding the local and geopolitical factors that might affect your given market.

Instructing us

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