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International Covert Surveillance Services

International Intelligence Surveillance Services

Covert Surveillance Services

covert surveillanceInternational Intelligence Limited uses the latest techniques and equipment to aid in our Covert Surveillance Services. Surveillance technology and techniques have moved on a great deal in the past twenty years, greatly tested in both the combating of terrorism and to feed the world's hunger for intelligence.

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All of our Covert Surveillance operatives have either previously carried out covert surveillance in hostile environments, or are from Police Surveillance backgrounds, all have vast experience working as members of Covert Surveillance teams in aid of larger, often complex investigations.

Our Surveillance Services have been deployed in aid of:

  1. Litigation/dispute resolution
  2. Workplace long-term sickness
  3. Insurance claims
  4. Matrimonial/divorce
  5. Pre-employment background checks

International Intelligence Limited uses a vast number of technical surveillance devices to aid our Surveillance Services, including vehicles equipped with covert cameras, hidden cameras and microphones in ladies handbags (many of our operatives are female). We also employ techniques, where possible, such as: telephone tapping, fax monitoring and email interception, although these services are only carried out during surveillance in certain circumstances and where the law allows.

Types of Covert Surveillance

Static Surveillance
Static surveillance is ideal for watching a particular location, allowing the gathering of intelligence on that location and the people connected to it. It is a vital investigation tool which helps to answer some very basic questions.

Mobile Surveillance
Mobile surveillance often employs different types of vehicle, from vans to cars and motorbikes. It is difficult and can be complex; the clients must be mindful and manage their expectations. Mobile surveillance must be carried out with skill and care by a managed team of surveillance operatives.

Technical Surveillance
A number of technical surveillance tools are employed by our surveillance teams, including covert satellite tracking systems and covert cameras. Not all surveillance tasks, nor budgets, lend themselves to the use of technical surveillance.

Surveillance Case Management

Prior to any surveillance services being carried out, we will agree with the client how they wish to be updated. This is normally done daily with reports and supporting photos/videos, and it is at this point we review the course of action with the client and discuss further surveillance or any changes.

During surveillance, evidence is collected via a number of means, for example videos and photographs, and is presented in the form of a sworn statement (affidavit) from the surveillance operative or surveillance team.

Our reports help clients to make sound judgments based on credible evidence. Whilst it is our clients' decision how to proceed, all evidence that is required to be used in a court of law will be gathered in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE).