About International Intelligence Limited

International Intelligence Limited - Providing intelligence and counterintelligence services since 2002.

About International Intelligence Limited

“Being one of the world's only privately owned intelligence firms with international reach; that's what makes us very special!”

International Intelligence: Global Reach

International Intelligence Limited has offices in London and New York to support our clients' needs.

International Intelligence utilises former British Intelligence Officers and former British Special Forces, Technical and Cyber experts, supported by multilingual personnel and technical resources. We pride ourselves on operating often in the most hostile of environments, from war zones to capital cities of the world.

We have assisted our clients in many complex cases including cross-border litigation disputes, and in some cases where one or more party is a Sovereign State entity.

Being both privately owned and part of a group of companies gives us great strength, enabling us to react quickly, and where necessary, utilise the group's expertise and resources.

Personnel and Recruitment

International Intelligence carries out all of its own recruitment. We only recruit the very best personnel and only accept applicants who we feel will benefit our clients and our international operations. If you are interested in working for International Intelligence Limited, please send a full CV with covering letter and photograph to info@international-intelligence.co.uk.

Applicants whom we show an interest in will be invited to a formal interview before undergoing due diligence.

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