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Security Risk Management

“Our Security Risk Management services are the foundations on which to build upon!”

Security Risk Management Services

International Intelligence Limited has been advising clients globally on Security Risk Management since 2002. Every single client is different and has a different set of needs that are specific to their own business and areas of operation, and with today’s challenges identifying risk and mitigating against that risk is now more important than ever.

Security Risk Assessments are the backbone of any security solution, these Security Risk Assessments allow a measured, cost-effective mitigation measure or set of measures, also known as Control Measures. Security works best in layers with overlapping layers allowing for redundancy and backup, ensuring the best possible mix of security solutions, both physical and technical.

How does Security Risk Management work?

Managing Security RisksSecurity Risk Management is a cycle of phases, Analysis of the business and potential risks (Risk Analysis), developing mitigation measures, and risk mitigation implementation (Mitigation Planning), followed by periodic monitoring of risks (Horizon scanning).

It is important from the off that clients understand that they must be part of the process and agree how in-depth they risk the Security Risk Analysis to go.

After the Risk Analysis phase has taken place, a report is presented to the client with recommendations for mitigation. This can be taken further and costings for implementation along with timescales explored.

Mitigation measures can be as simple as updating a security policy or implementing staff training and/or awareness programmes, or could be as complex as an integrated CCTV, sensor and panic button system, backed up by a physical guarding response.

Again, every client is different in their priorities, most are financially driven, where the majority of investment may have been in Cyber Security, and as the company has developed, other areas have maybe been neglected or missed.

What areas does Security Risk Management cover?

In essence Security Risk Analysis examines your business to see where you are exposed, these areas normally include an organisation’s locations, building and infrastructure, people, policies and legislation.

Our Security Risk Management services analyse our clients' asset clusters, look at relative criticality creating a risk register or expanding an existing risk register.

A Security Risk Assessor will need to interact with various managers and stakeholders within the client’s organisation to ensure they have the information to build out a comprehensive risk register and then move on through the other stages of the risk management process, as agreed by the client.

Who should be conducting Security Risk Assessments?

Any Security Risk Assessment should be carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced individual, or group of individuals. International Intelligence Limited chose all Risk Assessors based on a number of factors to best suit the needs of the client and their particular business. We vet all Risk Assessors to ensure that aside from their professional credentials, that they are suitable and credible.

Risk Management Services

If you are interested in instructing International Intelligence Limited to carry out your Security Risk Assessment, please get in touch with out team. We have a multilingual capability and often cater for international clients who have operations in a number of different locations.