TSCM equipment

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Our TSCM equipment

International Intelligence Limited use the very latest in military grade TSCM equipment. The TSCM equipment selected will be dependent upon the Country location, the size and complexity of the inspection.

Oscor Green

The Oscor Green is a hand-held spectrum analyzer with a rapid sweep speed and easy to use functionality suited for detecting unknown, illegal, disruptive, and anomalous rogue transmissions across a wide frequency range.

Spectrum ECM6

Comprising a purpose built Spectrum Processor linked to a lap top computer with full video display capability. The equipment gives full USB, LSB, CW, FSK, AM, FM and WBFM coverage with Video Display capabilities. Frequency ranges 10 KHz to 6 GHz.

Merlin RF Receiver

Comprising a purpose built Radio Spectrum Processor linked to a lap top computer. RF modes covered are similar to Spectrum ECM6 Frequency ranged covered to 3 GHz.


A GSM/UMTS detection and location system. The equipment is designed to detect any active SIM based surveillance devices across all service providers. The equipment will also detect tracking units hidden in clothing, personal items, vehicles, boats etc.


The Talan is a telephone and wiring analyser which detects eavesdropping devices on analogue or digital telephone lines. The equipment has a built in Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) which measures cable lengths and detects unauthorised junctions. The TALAN also identifies all telephone pair combinations.

CPM 700 Counter Surveillance Probe/Monitor

This equipment detects and locates all major categories of electronic surveillance, including room, phone or body bugs that are transmitting conversations. RF spectrum to 12 GHz.

Locator XDi Non Linear Junction Detector

This equipment is designed to detect passive eavesdropping electronic surveillance devices, either hardwired or remotely controlled using Third Harmonic technology.


Fully portable Acoustically Stimulated Microphone Detection System. This equipment detects amplified wired microphone systems where the target site is wired directly to a listening post. It operates by detecting the audio signal from a microphone and subjecting it to high amplification with elaborate filtering to remove extraneous noise.

Hunter XD Radio Microphone Detector

This equipment detects clandestine radio microphones including “smart” bugs such as frequency hopping and spread spectrum.

High Specification Search Kit

Including a range of cable testers, specialist search tools, UV lights and digital camera equipment etc