Surveillance Services in London

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Surveillance Services in London

International Intelligence Surveillance Services Surveillance Services in London

Hire covert surveillance in London

covert surveillance services in londonOur surveillance services in London cover mobile, static, foot and technical surveillance. All of our surveillance services in London are carried out professionally and within the law to enable our clients to use our detailed surveillance reports and supporting statements in court or in industrial tribunals. Our surveillance operatives are highly experienced and come from military or police background.

International intelligence Limited has been providing surveillance services in London for a wide range of clients since 2002. There are many reasons why both private and corporate clients come to us for their surveillance requirements. Simply, our surveillance services in London provide our clients with the evidence to make often difficult decisions.

Our Surveillance Services in London have been deployed in aid of:

  1. Litigation/dispute resolution
  2. Workplace long-term sickness
  3. Insurance claims
  4. Matrimonial/divorce
  5. Pre-employment background checks

Understanding covert surveillance in London

It is of vital importance that as a client you understand that surveillance is complex, especially in a city like London. Carrying out covert surveillance in London can be made more difficult by third parties such as members of the public or on occasion by the police, who could possibly hamper surveillance operations.

For these reasons, our surveillance team must make dynamic decisions and react fast to any potential third party’s interest. What they are not going to do is push the boundaries in order to try to get a result and put the task at risk. If a task is compromised and the targets become aware that they are under surveillance, then any surveillance becomes more and more complicated.

We do tend to regularly change over security operatives on longer tasks to prevent targets from noticing they are being followed.

In the past, we have often taken over surveillance tasks from other teams in other companies after surveillance had been detected. This situation can lead to a great deal of frustration on behalf of the client.

Full disclose from the client is vital in order for us to mount a successful surveillance operation.

How many surveillance operatives are needed?

Again, it is important for clients to be realistic. Carrying out surveillance in London can be difficult, you can plan for a target to leave their home on foot, only to find they are taking the car or tube.

We have provided from three to over twenty operatives on surveillance tasks. And of course, ideally, we change vehicles and surveillance operatives so not to expose them to the target or location for too long.

Technical surveillance in London

Where possible and within the law, we will deploy technical surveillance to assist in the surveillance operation. London is a very busy city and if technical surveillance such as cameras can assist in ‘triggering off’ a target, then they will be used, but only if they add value. Likewise, GPS/satellite trackers can be deployed under the right conditions. Of course, any technical surveillance always needs to be backed up by a team or teams on the ground.

Instructing our surveillance services in London

If you are interested in instructing us for our surveillance services in London, then we will need personal or corporate information on yourself as part of our ‘Know Your Client’ due diligence. We will of course require as much information on the target or targets as possible including photographs, addresses, workplace details and any social medial accounts etc.

To instruct us for our surveillance services in London, we can be contacted via on via +44 207 7911627.