Security Risk Managemet Case studies

Risk Management, security review

Risk Management - security review

In 2020, we were contacted by a charity who ran a large community centre and sporting facility. The facilities were about 15 years old and although they had some basic security control measures in place such as CCTV, lighting and roller shutters, they were having a number of incidents of vandalism and anti-social behaviour on the site. The staff, most of whom were volunteers were not best equipped to deal with the situation and it was thought by the Board of Trustees that a Security Risk Assessment was required, not just as a box-ticking exercise!

We provided a full security risk assessment and reviewed the security control measures that they had in place, and we made a full list of recommendations. We also discussed with them areas where they were exposed legally, the duty of care they had towards their staff and to visitors to the site.

We have been retained by the Board of Trustees and we advise on a Pro-Bono basis to assist with the management of the risk register and to conduct regular reviews of the risk assessment.

Risk management, customer information

Risk management - customer information

International Intelligence Limited were contacted by a large international firm who had a concern over how they were handling sensitive client information. They had a member of staff who left the company and set up his own business in competition and was suspected of having left the company with clients’ information.

Security risk assessments are not based on external threats alone. Insider Threats are among the hardest type of threat to combat because staff need access to locations and intellectual property as part of their roles. Bringing up the issues of Insider Threat is difficult, and it is a sensitive area and needed to be handled with care and sensitivity.

Aside from physical mitigation measures, policies and procedures are the number one tool in combatting Insider Threats. In the instance, our team was able to shore up a number of policies and procedures as well as advise on some HR areas such as vetting procedures and the process when a member of staff gives notice or leaves their employment expediently.

Risk Management, travel safety

Risk Management - travel safety

In 2019, International Intelligence Limited’s sister company Intelligent Protection International Limited were contacted by an existing client who had major concerns surrounding international staff travel.

International Intelligence and Intelligent Protection worked closely to firstly examine what policies and procedures were in place and what oversight was in place. It became apparent that line managers were not considering travel risk aside from checking Government travel risk reports. Once the member of staff had left on their trip, there was no checking in and the company were not even aware of the itinerary, nor were they aware if the member of staff had the correct vaccinations for the country they were travelling in.